Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest -- Bring it on, baby!

Today, I'm participating in the First Fight/First Kiss Blogfest hosted by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.
I'm super excited about this blogfest so I'll skip to the rules. Today, the fest is focused on fights!  YEAH!  Let's kick some butt, man.  Anyway, I couldn't decide which scene to pick and mulled over several.  

I ended up choosing one from my YA novel.  My MC is Emma Rollins and duh it's about vampires.  If you recall, I blogged about her character during the A-Z Blog Challenge.  Anyway, the story is written from Emma's POV, and so here's my fight scene.

Waking up the next day, I moaned, opening one eye to survey my whereabouts. Kayla’s, I said to myself. Buttercup walls with a Key West feel.  It even smelled tropical. Definitely Kayla’sRelief washed over me, and I sighed into my pillow. Thank God I was home. Well, not exactly, but close enough. 

My spirit relaxed slightly for several blissful moments until an uneasy feeling settled over me. A muted drumming noise echoed through my blood. I shifted a few times, becoming increasingly restless, unable to place the sensation’s familiarity. My body ached with recognition. 

Him, I thought—Quinn

 It was him my body was deeply aware of like a shadow in my mind and a whisper in my heart.

My eyes fluttered open as the overwhelming need to see him choked me. Adjusting my eyes to the room, a searing pain tore through my neck, and I winced. Quinn came out of nowhere, startling me. He leaned over me, one hand checking my pulse, the other sweeping a flyaway hair out of my face. 

I flinched.

Everything clicked then. I remembered the previous night. He lied to me. AND he bit me! I wanted to scream. “Trust me, Emma?” He said. “Close your eyes.” And like a trusting puppy, I closed my eyes and practically wagged my tail in anticipation.

Fury unfurled within me. He used his wicked charm and that angelic face to deceive me and I bought it. 

“Like the freshman sucker that I am,” I mused. Urgh, I could mentally hear my team’s heckling me.  Was that all he wanted from me after all this time—my blood? A relationship cannot be based on me being a food source, can it? 

Quinn furrowed his brow, obviously discerning my anger. He began to argue his case, but I was too mortified to listen. Terrified too, not that I wanted to admit it.

Scrambling to the opposite side of my bed, I bolted upright. Quinn reacted calmly, opening his palms, using his non-threatening pose.

“Calm down, Emma,” he said silkily and I scoffed—my fury skyrocketing because of his sultry tone. Not going to work this time, buddy.

Swinging my legs off the bed, I attempted to stand up on wobbling knees. In flash he was by my side, assisting me.

“Don’t touch me.” I said, smacking at his hands, face and chest. I didn’t want him anywhere near me.

Sitting me back down on the bed, he took a step back and blew out an exasperated sigh.

“I’m sorry, love…but you agreed to trust me.”

Grabbing the bedpost, I pulled myself up. “Trust,” I cried. “This is what you do with my trust.” I waved my free hand at the bite mark on my neck. Jerk!

“It was for your own good.”

“No. No. No. That’s where you’re wrong. This was for your own good!”

He shook his head, and huffed. “I am your protector, Emma. I cannot protect you if I don’t know how to find you. Now we’re connected once again. Only now…it’s stronger. Like it or not it’s for the best.”

Connected? What? This was about food, nothing else. I managed to get my footing then, thanks to my brewing storm. Summoning what little strength I had, I readied myself because I had one thing I wanted get clear with Quinn.

No one was ever…EVER…going to bite me again!

Clutching my fists by my side and at my own warp speed, I swung my left fist fast, and hard—right at his face.

His knees buckled, causing him to stagger a step backwards. I’m sure to him it felt like a girl hitting with pom poms, but for me, it felt great. 

Afterwards, I slithered down onto the bed trembling, my legs feeling like Jello. Breathing uncontrollably, I managed to spit out a shaky demand. “Don’t you ever…EVER…touch me again!”

Quinn started to plead his case, beginning with a few “I am so sorry,” and “I had no choice.” He popped his jaw once, rubbing his chin, right where I punched him.

Yeah, I turned my head stifling a grin. It may have hurt a little.


And that's it! Whew! It's over. *wipes armpits with a paper towel*   Any questions? Comments? Complaints? Remember to stop by Thursday too for the kiss & tell section of this blogfest.

Want to see who else is participating? Stop by read other fight scenes. #support!


Elise Fallson said...

So Emma's got a left hook! Nice, I like this. And good for her for clocking him. You had me cheering.(:

Kyra Lennon said...

Great, great scene! I love how it started so mellow, then built into complete rage!

Laura said...

I love this scene! Great reason for a fight, too! :)

Jackie said...

Nice excerpt! Quinn's yummy. :D

Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Ooh, I like! What a great fight scene!

Morgan said...

Oooo... sounds like a fabulous story, Mina! Love the sexual tension ;)

Carrie-Anne said...

Very intense fight scene!

Suzi said...

Cool. You just can't trust those vampires with the wicked charm and angelic faces. :)

But I'm wondering what happened. Why didn't he have a choice?

Lynn Proctor said...

very good scene!

Danielle B. said...

Ohhh I likey a lot! How dare he bite her without telling why she needed to trust him. Arg!

Thanks for sharing in our blogfest!

Michael Pierce said...

Emma sounded awesome in the A-Z challenge, but she's even better now. Quinn definitely deserved what he got, even though it proably wasn't much to him. She's a pistol. Great scene! :)

Christine Rains said...

Awesome excerpt! Lots of fire and I really want to know what's going on.

Andrea Teagan said...

vampire romance, yes!! I couldn't wait to find out what happens in this scene. I love that the bite pisses her off, hehe.

I hope I can read more someday!


mshatch said...

wow! Nice excerpt!

James Anderson said...

Ahh,the girls say yes and give their trust away so freely to the dashing Vampire. And then the next morning regrets set in. Unfortunately there is no turning back in this case.

Great excerpt. I enjoyed it.

Pk Hrezo said...

Ooo.. nice and edgy! melikes! :D

Crystal Collier said...

Go Emma! Hee hee. I love a girl with fire. Thanks for renewing my faith in our gender. :)

Angeline Trevena said...

Despite the specific context, I think we can all relate - who hasn't woken up and realised they acted like a silly little puppy to a guy that charmed us a little?! Great piece.

Medeia Sharif said...

I enjoyed her realizations and how she defied him. Awesome piece.

Clare said...

Excellent excerpt. I loved the build up of tension from Emma waking up, figuring out where she was, getting her bearings, and then realising what Quinn had done, to her venting her anger on him. Very well written.

Tanya Reimer said...

This was great! I loved it. "Felt like pom poms"!! hahaha. Great imagery!

Aldrea Alien said...

She's sure got a good swing on her. ^_^
Great scene.

Neil said...

Loved this one too Mina! I really enjoyed that sleep/wake confusion before realisation struck.

Great style!